Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home plans with fireplaces (link)

Here's a webpage with house plans that include fireplaces: House plans, home plans, floor plans, home blueprints, construction plans, home designer, house plan at

I do love sitting in front of a fireplace--especially a real wood fireplace, though a flip-on-with-a-switch gas fireplace at Silver River State Park is also fun. However, fireplaces aren't very practical for backup heating. If we move further north, I want something that will keep the house warm when the power goes out. A wood stove is best for heating and cooking. (I remember staying in a home in Wisconsin where the wood stove was dismantled and put in the shed over summer. And staying in a home in New Hampshire where I slept on the floor next to the wood stove in the kitchen when the furnace broke.)

However, there is the Rumford fireplace, which may be the most efficient fireplace: The Rumford fireplace - energy-efficiency rediscovered / The Christian Science Monitor -

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