Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview in latest issue of Abandoned Towers Magazine

I received the latest issue of Abandoned Towers Magazine (3rd Trimester 2009) today, which I've been waiting for because it has an inteview with me by the editor! The magazine also has lots of short stories, poetry and art, plus more non-fiction. The cover story is A Warm Welcome--great cover, btw. I've read some contemporary westerns that just don't get the characters or dialogue right, but this was perfect--and a lot of fun! There's a good balance of SF and fantasy too, along with stories set in the far past (cavemen and a story of honor in the Roman legions) and a scary future, plus a troll tall tale, and more.

Recall (SF) is a good tale of soldiers recalled to duty, and I appreciated the line where the hero (a father trying to protect his family from being called up) says to the soldier delivering the paperwork, "I thought you were an android." "Mostly, sir. They can only rebuild so much when you've been through the grinder."

It has a good variety, and the quality is good. And I can't talk about a favorite story without giving away the ending. The non-fiction includes an article about life in New Zealand by Lyn McConchie. (I've always loved her articles and books about her life and her animals in New Zealand. And she's written fiction set in Andre Norton's universe.) In my inteview, I discuss writing and some of my favorite fiction characters. Btw, this interview predates my NaNoWriMo experience in November, which was interesting for me to read!

Abandoned Towers Magazine is published three times a year. Here's a link for you to check it out for yourself: Abandoned Towers Magazine - fantasy, fiction, westerns, articles, stuff for kids, audio stories, games

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