Monday, January 11, 2010

Another freeze!

Snow and sleet were predicted the other day along with more freezes. I didn't see any snow this time, but I did a long time ago, and it stayed on the ground for a while. Our dogs are restless too 'cause I don't want to go out there unless I have to. At night I usually put on my jacket, open the back door, and then let Xena out the screen door; then I run back inside and watch for her ears. A friend said that she's wearing more clothes to bed than she does during the day; she wonders if she's really in Florida or if Michigan moved south. We've got the well tank and pump boxes wrapped in blankets and rugs, and I turn a faucet on when the back porch sensor hits 34 degrees. (It's at 35 right now; I'm keeping an eye on it.) The pump guys who came to replace the pressure gauge, which we discovered spewing water after an earlier freeze, said that a drip isn't enough.

The citrus and strawberry growers and tropical fish farmers are really hurting though; the fish farmers can see the damage sooner 'cause the fish are dead except for those that were moved inside. The fruit growers will have to wait and see. In the grocery store today I grabbed the last container of strawberries and bought some frozen strawberries too...

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