Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decorating ideas

The February issue of Southern Living has some interesting ideas for your home. An architect didn't like the look of his shower stall so he closed it off with paneled doors to make it look like a linen closet. Hmm. I wonder if people will start hiding their showers the way they're hiding the toilets. More wasted space...

Another article has some interesting ideas from a designer who uses textiles, bright colors, and graphic patterns, along with area rugs over her neutral carpets, to enliven her home. The navy sofa with white piping and buttons/tufts stands out. Btw, there's a store in D. C. named And Beige, that specializes in neutral-toned accessories, etc.

A homeowner renovated their kitchen with wood, steel and stainless steel (for an industrial look), and red cabinets. There's a sidebar with the article on choosing the right wood. There are other home decorating ideas too. You do know that matching furniture is passe? There are also articles on sustainable design, forcing spring blooms, clematis, herbs, recipes, and more. And I have to mention the gherkin stuck with a plastic pick on top of a half sandwich. That's an attention grabber.

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