Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Solar backup power source

I'm really focused on a backup power source, especially now during this rare longterm cold spell in Florida. (Usually the cold only lasts up for a few days, then warms up until the next cold front.) But this one has lasted about a week and is going to last for several more days; we've been in the 30s at night, but last night we were in the 20s, and I left a faucet dripping all night so the pipes wouldn't freeze. The frost was thicker than usual, the grass is brown (how come some weeds are still green?), and plants are lying on the ground and turning mushy. Right now the temp is 45 degrees, according to the back porch sensor. (The temp is always colder in the sheds--by at least six degrees, depending on which shed.) Anyway, since we're thinking of moving to north Florida, I really would like a wood stove (most fireplaces aren't practical), but this solar powered system sounds good, though expensive. Link: BACKUP POWER SOURCE SOLAR STANDBY POWER SYSTEM : Marketplace HGTV Pro - Browse Products Available Just for You

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