Saturday, February 6, 2010

Decorating and home ideas

There's an interesting article in the April issue of Old-House Interiors on how you can use concrete in your house--vessel and wave sinks, countertops--including on a floating vanity, an outdoor spa, floors, and driveways (colored and sealed). There are also articles on flooring choices, including underlayment, and some lovely homes and cottages.

The Winter issue of Early Homes (Colonial to Classical) includes articles on restored homes and a new Old Bow home (beautiful); and there's an article on early paints and color choices. (We've used milk paint on furniture for years.) I love the room in Cottage Rose milk paint! But the article doesn't say where he got it. I think I'm going to have to rip the page out of the magazine.

The March issue of Country Living includes an article on a home built to look like an old red barn, along with articles on restored homes (including turning an old post office into a home), baking in an iron skillet (we're going to get one), horseback riding as a respite from the fast track, collecting suitcases and trunks, candle snuffers, making a closet into an office, and ruffles! (You should see that pillow collection!) Btw, the pet column said that tomato juice doesn't work on removing skunk odors, but we've used it for years! (I still remember using it on Bast, our black and white Manx; we had to take it out of the fridge...; yes, it removed the odor.)

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