Monday, March 22, 2010

Home and garden ideas

There are a number of interesting articles in the spring issue of Early Homes, including one on early architecture focusing on salt boxes (which I thought was a New England idea) and catslides (found in southeastern U.S.)--good photos and drawings; there's also an article on Hudson River homes. Plus articles on furniture, hardware (hinges and latches), milk paint, treen and toleware, and gardens. And I enjoyed the closing essay by an author who learned to appreciate old homes as a kid; his parents thought prosperous meant "new." You see that a lot today too. He refers to "every pallid wall" and "the gentle outgassing of formaldehyde from the deep pile of the shag carpet."

In the April/May issue of Birds and Blooms, is a list, with photos, of "plants you can't kill." This list of outdoor plants includes cosmos, zinnias, daylilies, and yarrow. I have to say though that some of our daylilies have died off in some beds, but I do need to get more cosmos. Now there's a flower that came up from a seed packet in a back bed!

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