Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home and garden ideas

There were some lovely home and garden ideas in the August issue of Southern Living, including a Carrara marble floor and matching shower wall tiles in a master bath, which will have to be sealed, I believe. And, of course, an antique rug instead of a bath mat. There were book and display shelves surrounding a reading/storage bench with a background of studded squares; plus water saving ideas in a garden. Other garden ideas include giant chess pieces on a giant board, stones set in the lawn in a starburst pattern, and an idea we plan to implement--using a truck tire rim as a fire pit. We'll have to surround it with retaining wall pavers, I think. The small rocks they used are too small as a surround. Recipe ideas included two lemon pie variations. And I smiled when I saw the suave Vern Yip in the Kraft Sandwich Shop mayo two-page spread.

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