Sunday, August 1, 2010

More home and garden ideas

In the September issue of Country Living are accessories such as lamp shades, pillows, platters, and wall art made more interesting when covered with exotic maps. And there's a collection of horse-themed collectibles. The Real Estate Sampler focuses on stone houses around the country. And there's an interesting piece about the restoration of an abandoned house. And an article on fashion with old-fashioned flair. Plus an article on a woman with a fetish for white; even the impressive stone fireplace was covered with white paint. (I'm always amazed when these people have children (two boys) and pets (a dog). Recipes include a pear and chicken hero sandwich, along with recipes using tomatoes; the mini BLT looked challenging. My favorite recipe was for Salted Golden Caramel Bars (practically anything with caramel is a favorite). The most outstanding idea in this issue was at the end--a photo paying homage to independent bookstores and reading.

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