Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home decorating ideas

Here are a few ideas from Better Homes and Gardens (a flyer, not a magazine issue). Rearrange your furniture and/or your accessories or ungroup your matched sets. (Matched sets are no longer in, so if you fret about things like that, maybe you'd better unmatch them.) Paint your walls beige! (Well, it is better than white.) And use big baskets to store or display things. (I use them for catalogs.)


Carol Noren Johnson said...

I am on a de-cluttering mission and love the current Good Housekeeping magazine on Jamie Lee Curtis. I always imagined that celebrities had a bunch of servants to organize their life. Jamie does it herself. I am going to blog about her ideas on one of my blogs later this month.

Joy V. Smith said...

Oh, that is interesting that she does it herself. I don't get Good Housekeeping so I appreciate the input, and all the best with your de-cluttering mission! Sounds like you have an interesting blog. Thanks for stopping by!