Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparing for a freeze

We've had a few frosts already this year, but last night we had to prepare for a hard freeze. (A hard freeze here in Florida is when the temperature drops below freezing for several hours.) On the late news last night, I watched the strawberry growers around Plant City began watering to save their plants. When they did that last year, there were dozens of sink holes of varying sizes and many wells went dry in the area. Everyone's hoping it won't be as bad this year though we've got at least two more nights of freezing weather, with another Arctic blast coming next week. We had two faucets running last night to keep our pipes from freezing, and we covered the well pipes with a big wool blanket. And today I went to a nursery to get more top soil because Blizzard continues to dig holes all over, and the woman there was about to join the crew laying palm trees down to cover them to protect them. She said the place behind them, which tends to be colder, had its freeze start about 9:30.

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