Saturday, January 22, 2011

Selling our house: Report #2

The buyers have lots of plans for the house and grounds; they'll be adding trees to the landscaping and making other changes outside, including ideas we'd been thinking of doing some day, such as adding more hardscape and making the driveway into an allee.

They are letting us take the Shaker pegboards and hanging cupboards, among other things, and he said he'll take them down for us. That is very nice of them because we would have had to buy new pegboards. They’ve taken measurements in the house, and this coming week a nurseryman will be delivering 20 foot tall palm trees to line the driveway, which is very long; he stopped by to look the grounds over. (The buyers bought the palm trees, including some cluster palms for the yard, and pavers from a nursery going out of business.)

The buyers also had a septic tank company come and clean out the septic tank and replace the filter the same day so we met lots of people that day. And we also told our realtors that we're ready to start browsing. They had wanted us to wait until after the closing--when we’d have money to buy and not lose a house we liked… But they called today, and we’re going to look at the “perfect” house this afternoon. He’s more optimistic than I am, but someone told me--Just don’t whine about how it’s not as good as our house....

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