Friday, January 28, 2011

Selling our house: Report #3

We have been busy culling old papers, photos, books, etc. for what seems like forever. We looked at more homes today, and we've been browsing houses and lots online and talking to a builder in case we could build. It's cheaper to buy though and quicker. One of the houses we looked at today meets a lot of our criteria; however, it needs lots of work inside and out. And Blizzard is going to miss the acres she's had to race around in. She's in for a shock!

Of course, there are a lot of steps to work our way through. Tomorrow we look at the house again and possibly sign an offer. I'm torn between being afraid that we'll lose the property and missing all our crape myrtles (we have a collection spread out in beds over our five acres), plus lots of other trees and flowers and our new fire pit, among other things. Not enough room at the new place for all our lawn ornaments, bird baths, and benches.

And we're dealing with various people and paperwork. A post-purchase contract? Hmm. And I have to talk to the insurance people, movers, DirecTV, contractors, ... The new owner has been busy with deliveries, including giant palm trees that frightened Blizzard, but she finally snuck up on them. They made a neighbor's dog twitchy too. And he's started the new fence out front--they had to carve a path for it out of the front woods--and it is impressive. That was a beautiful azalea that got trodden underfoot though. And the root balls of the palm trees must be watered.

The realtors we've been working with have been very helpful, especially Shawn, who's been ferrying us around and waiting patiently while we dissect the houses and cruise the neighborhood... The new owners are a pleasure to work with also. They've been very generous with things we want to take with us and with the time to look...

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