Friday, January 7, 2011

Want a color that gives you instant drama? (link)

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn suggests red; it's "good in small doses." Use it on floors, pillows, furniture, and art. I do like the way it works in a black and white color scheme. See how Flynn uses it: Design Happens » Archive » Red: Good In Small Doses

And be sure to read his description of his dog. Now I'm curious... Aha! I just checked out his blog, 'cause I wanted to share it too, and there's picture of his dog, Gidget. I don't think she looks like his description! She looks like my dog, Blizzard. Okay, I'm going to post a pic of Blizzard soon. Tell me what you think!! Here's his blog: Decor Demon - Lifestyle editorial…with an edge.

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