Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buying our house: Report #2

This house has a lot of the things we want, but it's not as perfect as our old house. I vacillate between being afraid we'll lose it and missing our trees, flowers, quiet and privacy, etc. But we won't miss the work and the money we spend on mowers, gas, oil, ant dust, etc. We will miss the beauty and quiet of the five acres, but we're also really looking forward to taking care of less than a 1/2 acre and being able to walk to shopping and around a nearby lake, where many people walk, jog, and stroll with their dogs. It's a nice area and we have a little privacy.

Monday morning (January 31), I went online and found an e-mail from Shawn. He'd made the offer on our new house and had already received a counter-offer, which we accepted, and then we officially had a contract on the new house! (I believe this took place in under 10 minutes! I was grateful that I went online at that time.) Closing for our 1962 rancher is set for the end of the month.

'Course we hadn't yet closed on the old house and didn't have money for a new house, but that closing went smoothly; we were early, as is our wont, because we want to start the ball rolling if we can; so this time--like our last closing--we had most of the papers signed before the buyers arrived. (Last time it was the sellers.)

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