Monday, February 7, 2011

Buying our house: Report #4

The time until closing would be really dragging if we didn't have so much to do to get ready. Today we called our insurance company for this house, and I'm sending them the house inspector's insurance report on the new house. Will talk to them again later. We got a letter from our mortagage company saying that our mortgage is paid off. We called them just to check since last week we got a letter from them saying to pay the next mortgage payment, and we'd be reimbursed when the paperwork went through. We have more paperwork coming from them, and it sounds like it'll be a long time before that happens. And I called the house inspector for a verbal consultation since we weren't on site. Well, eveyone told us not to be on site and bother him! He explained a few terms and told me that the house was well built. The over-sized AC unit did need to be replaced. And I called the movers to make a tentative moving date and told them that we were planning to pack ourselves to save money. A lot of money! We need more boxes. And we're having some of our appliances here checked out to be sure they're in good shape. And the new owners stopped by to discuss some things, take measurements, and pick up the box I've been filling with relevant papers and photos of their new home. And we've begun to pack books (lots of books), book ends, and other things we won't be needing.

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