Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buying our house: Report #5

We've been waiting for papers from the seller of our new house, which are taking longer than usual, but Shawn e-mailed us Tuesday evening (February 8) that he'd received the papers; and the following morning we met to sign them. We move forward another step.

Thursday the nursery crew begins planting the palm trees at our old house. the holes for those towering palms look like the wells leading to the Morlocks' underground lair in The Time Machine! Simulataneously a fencing company has sent its people to look at our new house. Hmm. After looking at that menacing bougainvillea, they tell us that they can't remove it after all. We'll have to call in the professionals. Understandable. I've never seen a trunk like that on a bougainvillea. They discuss fencing options and will give us an estimate. (We need a privacy fence, which will be stepped, and chain link for the dogs.)

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