Monday, February 14, 2011

Buying our house: Report #6

The new owners continue to landscape, and we're having the appliances get maintenance check ups and cleaning things up for the transfer; and we've begun packing. We were going to do all the packing to save money, but we gave up because of all the big bowls, pans, etc., and then there are the books! We have bags full that we'll have to move by hand. So we gave up and called the movers and told them we needed them to finish the packing, which postpones the move a day. Drat.

Today we went to the showroom with a friend to pick out cabinets, countertops, and faucets for the kitchen. We learned that granite is now cheaper than Corian and Staron. I actually wanted a solid surface color for the countertops since it makes them easier to clean, but we changed our focus to granite, and that was fun, though it wasn't easy making a decision. My favorite didn't work with the cabinets, which will be natural caramel (birch), and then we had to compromise on choices, but we all agreed--finally--on one. The people at Forestwood Design helped by shifting all our choices (heavy samples) around the cabinet door and pointing out what matched and what didn't. Then we worked our way through hardware selections for the cabinets. We'll make a final decision on bathroom faucets later, but we really like our kitchen faucet (single handle).

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