Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buying our house: Report #7

Oh, we've been busy! Packing every day, of course, and selling or giving away a lot of our collection of concrete benches, birdbaths, and little critters. Well, there is this really big concrete toad. And we bought stencil paints and brushes to stencil the new house. (We always stencil our homes.) And we sanded and spray-painted the futon, hose caddies, etc. And we bought a wing chair recliner combo (on sale) to be delivered to the new house.

So, there we are, getting ready for the closing Friday, and our realtor calls one day and says that we can close two days earlier. Okaaay. We can do that. (That is wonderful news!) We're also working on getting insurance for the new house. I spend a lot of time working on paperwork for that. And now that's done, and it's time to transfer the utilities, the newspaper, the mail, etc. and start the address changes.

We did get the keys--after the closing--and we're ready to start moving things in. We have to talk to the contractors again and fine tune the details. We'll be borrowing a hot plate and a microwave while work is done on the kitchen. And we'll have to take the dogs out on leash until the new fence is in--and keep them out of the contractors' way.... Our friends are helping us move a lot of things now, but professional movers (Two Men and a Truck) will do most of the heavy lifting (except for the concrete collection).

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