Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buying our new house: Report #1

We had to decide between building a house and buying one. Though we would have preferred to build again (using the same house plan), buying a home--especially if you find a good deal in today's market--is more practical. And since we've come way down on our house's selling price, we had less choice.

Friday, January 21, Shawn, our realtor, showed us two houses in the location we wanted, but they did not meet our needs at all! We have to have a big enough yard for the dogs, and we wanted a back porch--screened if possible--and a front porch, plus a garage for storage. (We had two sheds at the old place.) We also needed enough bedrooms and an office for the desks and filing cabinets, etc. And I didn't want to rip up all that carpeting, some of which was new. The duplex was interesting, but too big in some ways and too small in others (the yard and the two tiny porches). I confess that I was a bit despondent that night. (Waaahhh!!)

Our next trip out--Friday, January 28--with Shawn, who was nice enough to ferry us back and forth, had originally included three houses, but we started out with a fourth one that was a last minute addition. He didn't even have any paperwork on it. Looking at it from the curb piqued my interest. Great driveway (circular) with a parking area and a two-car garage. The house was big enough--lots of room and bright. (I love lots of light.) There was a screened back porch! The back yard was fairly big, but needed a fence. It's bank owned and will need some work, like a new kitchen, including appliances and the kitchen sink! (Big hole where the sink should be.) It seems to meet our needs fairly well, but we'll look at the other homes. Well, it turns out that two of those homes really need work!! And the last home is frame, not concrete block, so we don't bother looking at it. We go back to the first house and look at it again; and then Shawn takes us around the neighborhood again too. This house goes to the top of our list!

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