Friday, March 25, 2011

Buying our house: Report #10

We've been buying plants, mulch, and top soil and then planting and watering. (It's been very dry here.) A friend unraveled a number of wiring puzzles for us. The house was full of switches whose purposes we couldn't figure out. Well, some of them were three-way switches, and our friend made us diagrams for the complicated switches. Then he checked out our sprinkling system, whch is very impressive; it has five zones. It also has a few leaks and one geyser. The fence guys ran into a pipe and some sprinklers. They got one of the neighbor's sprinklers too, but our friend fixed that. (Thank you, Bob!) The contractor will take care of our sprinkler problems, but we wanted a happy neighbor sooner.

The AC inspector came Monday, March 24, and gave our AC system a good rating, which made us happy. A sub-contractor came and looked at the door that needs to be replaced and measured the windows. They need replacing too, but that's not covered by our remodeling contract. We do need to do that. It'll cut down on the traffic noise and help our electric bill.

We donated a number of things to Habitat for Humanity, and we're giving them our old kitchen cabinets, when they're removed. Our washer and dryer are coming Monday, though they'll have to be moved when the contractor reaches the laundry room. We've started stencilling the house, room by room. (All our houses--and some of our outbuildings--have always been stencilled at our homes.) We're still mulling over what to do with some of our landscape challenges, such as that steep slope. We're going to try sweet potato vines on the mound encircled by concrete (driveway and sidewalk); that should keep them within bounds. They do love to travel!

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