Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buying our house: Report #11

Our washer and dryer came Monday, and we were so happy! Then we discovered that it's an infusor washing machine (GE), which doesn't have an agitator; it uses "wave action.' We wanted one with an agitator. After checking out infusor machines via Google, we knew we didn't want one 'cause we want our clothes clean in one washing! (We ordered it via an online listing.) And it make funny noises that sound like it's broken; the noise is also incredibly annoying. (It's certainly not the swoosh, swoosh it's supposed to sound like.) But we don't want to pay another restocking fee. I will get rid of it as soon as I can. And then we discovered that the washing machine water was backing up into the utility sink. We had the city sewer guys check that out. They checked everything thoroughly, which included sending dye through the lines (from the toilet in the old part of the house and the utility room sink in the new part of the house), and they discovered that we have two lines running to the sewer. One from the old part and one from the addition. The old sewer line is fine... Then our plumber came and worked up on the roof (running his snake/auger through the roof vent; that's less messy than doing it in the house); after that he hunted for our sewer line in the back yard and finally found it; another plumber had to come to help with the cleaning and excavation. So, next week we'll be getting a new line to the sewer, along with a cleanup plug next to the house. Apparently the newer line is full of roots--lots of them--even though that new line had a wrap that was supposed to repel roots. Roots are very thirsty! And only time will tell if new products work. Larry, the carpenter recommended by a friend, came again this week and worked for two and a half days. He painted and fixed all kinds of problems! He has helped us make order out of chaos; and the newly painted bedroom is beautiful! It looks brighter and bigger! And TECO sent a crew over to check out that old gas line in back of the house. It wasn't theirs, but they checked it out, cut it down, capped it, and buried it so people won't trip over it. (We had put an big flower pot over it.) Now we feel safe. We're still buying plants and mulch and planting and transplanting plants, but we've gotten a lot of rain recently so we don't have to water. That big storm today (still picking up branches) showed us areas that need more plantings. Have I mentioned that the back yard slopes down to the east and Lake Hollingsworth? We have to buy ceiling fans and light fixtures for the house now. I believe we're about to get a schedule for next week from our contractor. I hope that means we'll have a kitchen soon! And a kitchen sink!!

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