Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buying our house: Report #8

We are moved in, with the help of friends and the movers, who underestimated how much stuff we had! However, our friends picked up the slack and made even more trips from the old to the new house, and today the new owners dropped off more things we left behind. We'll stop by their new home soon to admire the changes in our old house--and pick up some pans that were left in the oven.

So, we're still settling in, and the contractor and sub-contractors have been coming by frequently to do measurements and make plans. We continue to choose paint colors and materials. I was disappointed to find out that Formica was now making their Boomerang pattern only in charcoal gray, and there was no trace of Confetti. Lots of imitation stone and wood. The countertop in the laundry room will be from Wilsonart.

We've been pruning and taking out a few trees and plants. (That was pretty easy because they were rootbound.) There'll be a lot more clearing out when the fence guys start preparing the way for the fence, which we are so looking forward to. Blizzard wants to run!

And we have someone coming in to hang pictures, Shaker pegboards, clocks, and the two old moon and stars wood pieces we have. We're still deciding where some of those go. He'll take an old TV satellite dish off the roof too and help us with other things. There's a lot to do here! And we are so grateful for the friend who brought us supper on our first night here--chile, crackers, cookies, and a half-gallon of tea. We were so tired, we hadn't even thought about supper.

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