Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying our house: Report #12

We had another cold front come through Tuesday, April 5; it brought more rain, so our plumbers postponed putting in the new sewer line until next week. Friday a GE technician came (fast service, btw) to check out the washing machine and fridge. The washing machine is supposed to sound like that, he explained. Well, I still don't like it; it sounds like a tiny squeak on steroids. We continue to buy plants from various nurseries and plant them all around the house and along the fence and walkways, though we have a long ways to go to fix the drainage/erosion problem. Now and then interested passersby stop and tell us how nice the place is looking. Monday morning building materials were delivered for the front porch pillars and the doors; later the carpenters, Scott and Vernon, came and begin replacing a side door; they also removed the kitchen door, and after wrestling with the side door a couple days (this is a tough concrete block house that fights back), they installed a front screen door that can also serve as a storm door. (They came back Wednesday since they had to wait for the screen door and because of the storm that went through the area.) Scott and Vernon finished installing the doors, plus door hardware yesterday. Then the painter came by to get a handle on his projects. No painting will be done until everything else is finished, which will be about two weeks--after the new windows are put in, since we won't choose a kitchen paint color until we see everything installed. (We're thinking about a pale yellow. It can't clash with the blue tiles we kept.) And our cabinets are postponed until next Wendesday, I believe, because the supplier sent the wrong cabinets. And we continue to work on our brush piles; we got all the pruning debris out of the driveway, and I cleaned up the leftover pile out back so the dogs have more room to romp. So, after yesterday's pickup, we filled the three garbage cans again, along with four big black garbage bags. No more working on brush piles until after next week's Wednesday pickup. The big brush pile by the curb has to wait for a truck with a claw...

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