Friday, April 15, 2011

Buying our house: Report #13

The remodelling process continues to be challenging. We've had to make some changes, which I hope turn out well.... The contractor said that he's glad we're so flexible. The tiles we were going to keep in the kitchen had to come down; the dryer can't be moved to the outside wall after all, so the new counter will have to be installed on the other side of the washer and dryer, and we're going to be short of room there; and I'm not sure the hardware is going to match the kitchen cabinets as well because of the change in color. The cabinet supplier made a couple more mistakes with our cabinet order, but we got upgraded from birch to maple, which is nice; however, they forgot the caramel glaze, which is why the hardware may be a little dark for the light cabinets. The cabinets were removed Wednesday, April 13; they (Tim Wells and his son) finished cleaning up the kitchen yesterday. Today the new cabinets are being installed, and when Louie is done, we're going to start unpacking and putting things away! We know we'll have to clean up later, but we'll know where things will fit, and we expect to find things that are still missing. And maybe I can get some of the boxes out to the curb before the garbage truck comes. The electricians were here Wednesday and Thursday; they installed a ceiling fan and lights in the kitchen, which was already wired for that, but they had to take out a globe light in the small bedroom and install a ceiling fan and lights there--in a new location. Then that light went into the foyer--where there was no light. The living room had no overhead lights at all, so we had a ceiling fan and lights added there as well. The electricians had to crawl around in the attic a lot and cut out a few holes. They were glad we have good decking up there. That was challenging, but then they had to tackle the kitchen wiring and move and add outlets while removing a switch. They were going to remove the wiring for two cabinet lights, but they couldn't track that wiring down. They did discover that there was old and new wiring in the kitchen. The first night--after they left, I opened the fridge, and it was dark inside! What happened?! I tried another outlet since the one it was plugged into was obviously dead, but I had to keep moving the fridge down the wall--Keep pushing it towards me--until I found an outlet that was live. They finished working on that wall the next day--and discovered the circuit breaker for it; it was labeled south wall/kitchen. We have very interesting wiring in this house. I'm still grateful to our friend Bob for helping us figure out light switches and outlets earlier. Yesterday we had to choose faucets for the kitchen and a bathroom, but I don't know if we need to choose faucets for the new utility sink--or when it's coming. Okay, I asked the cabinet installer, and he said that he was also installing it. (It's supposed to be in the garage with the other cabinets; they were all delivered yesterday.) The top cabinets are up on one wall. They're beautiful! The template will be made here this aternoon; it has to wait until the cabinets are installed. We could get that next week--Thursday. In time for Easter dinner! Habitat for Humanity picked up some of the old kitchen cabinets, a ceiling fan, hardware, etc., but they wouldn't take the lovely blue kitchen tiles 'cause the mud hadn't been removed. We'll have to find new home for them; and we learned that they're swimming pool tiles, which was interesting. Now the cabinets are installed, and everyone says that the glaze is not a good idea for the cabinets since they're factory finished, and we're happy with the color. The hardware didn't get delivered today, but we had one handle installed, and it looks good so we're pleased and relieved. Rafael, who's going to work on our granite countertop came by and measured the cabinets, and we discussed the type of edging we want--probably 3/8 round. (The other choices are pencil, 1/4 bevel, and 1/2 bevel. He made drawings of them all to help me visualize them. All the sub-contractors have been so helpful! Oh, and the electricians stopped by today to do a few more things with the wiring. There'll be more work done next week... And thanks to all our friends who bring us food and take us out to eat.

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