Friday, April 22, 2011

Buying our house: Report #14

Well, we won't be having Easter dinner at our house. Fortunately we have a friend's house for backup. Our countertop and appliances won't be installed until next week.

Wednesday, April 20, the dry wall crew was here all day.; they were in the kitchen--and briefly in a bedroom to patch a hole in the ceiling where a light fixture had been--all day--from early to about 6. We had to drink warm water from the bathroom. (We have cold water in the fridge, but everything in the kitchen was covered with plastic.) And Blizzrd chewed up stuff in my bedroom 'cause she was in it so long, so I crated her after that.

AND that day we got an e-mail from the contractor's coordinator, who said that the granite slab had come in, but it didn't look like the sample we'd chosen, and Tim of Forestwood Design (the cabinet and countertop sub-contractor) wanted us to come choose another sample. (He e-mailed us a photo of the slab; it had rusty looking streaks in it; it wasn't at all what we'd wanted so I'm glad he queried us.) His store is far south, and we didn't have time and the house was full of guys till forever so we asked him to bring some samples. 'Course samples are big and heavy and there are lots to choose from, so he threw a few that he thought we might like (from our choices earlier) in his truck, and he and his son brought them over. When they got here, our friends, Bob and Cheryl had stopped by, and Bob caught a problem in the kitchen (hardware not removed from the windows). A guy had queried me about it, but I said I didn't know what to do about it and since the window guys would be working there, to let it go. Well, Bob went to the hardware store nearby (we didn't have what he needed), got a tool, used our chisel and hammer and climbed up and took them down so the dry wall guys could clean up that area. The kitchen looks a lot better now! It was rough from where the tiles were and full of holes on the walls and ceiling. Anyway, Cheryl joined us in choosing the granite. I wanted something light, but what we all agreed on was a darker sample that goes better with the cabinets. Cheryl said that of all the granite countertops she has--and she has lots!--she disliked the light ones the most 'cause they showed stains more. Good point.

We also had our own plumber replace an outside faucet and a shower head that day.

Thursday, the 21st, a carpenter put in a new threshold and ripped off the old door frame to do it. The old frame was tighter. (I can see sunlight when the garage door is open.) The drywall crew picked up all the stuff they left yesterday. And Tim came by and dropped off a new counter sample for the utility room. The one we chose isn't available. And we got a new schedule. The kitchen appliances will be delivered Friday and wait in the garage. The countertop won't come until Wednesday; the aplliances will be installed after that, along with some other stuff, and the painter comes the 30th when everyone else is done.

Quotes from friends:

You’re practically rebuilding the house! (G)

Did you get anything you chose? (M) I'd have to check.

Lots of trials, but you’ll manage and all this effort will be a dim memory. (G, who also supported me during the building of our last house.)

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