Friday, April 29, 2011

Buying our house: Report #15

The countertops were installed Wednesday (Thanks, Rafael!) and the remaining kitchen appliances (stove, microwave, and dishwasher) and utility room sink, which the plumber had to track down Thursday AND we have water in the kitchen and utility room. We are so happy! We finally have a real kitchen. And I think most of the boxes are unpacked. We got the cabinet hardware Wednesday also.

Our new windows--entire house for a total of 24 windows--were installed Monday through Wednesday, and Larry, who has helped us with so much from the beginning when we moved in, removed and hung blinds back up as the window crew worked their way around the house. And when the crew left early (chance of rain, and they didn't want those huge gaping holes in the house in case it did), Larry covered the rooms on the south side of the house with his drop cloths and our sheets so we didn't have to slink through the house. (The house is very close to the road and sidewalk.)

Our friends, Bob and Cheryl, bought two paint samples from Sherwin Williams Wednesday, and Bob started painting the kitchen walls so we could make a color choice; then he went home and brought over two paint samples from his collection. The kitchen walls are covered with four different paint colors now. The colors are Jersey Cream, Compatible Cream, Blonde, and Sand 3. We think (lots of input from visitors) that we're going for Compatible Cream. (Hmm. Is it too dark?) No, that is it. The painter is coming Saturday, though there are a few more things that need to be finished. The dry wall crew didn't come today to patch one last hole left when the dryer hose was rerouted from the attic to an outside wall. And the remaining pieces of our cabinets (a door and four "skins") didn't come from the supplier.

Today (Friday), the plumber installed grab bars and a faucet in the bathrooms. Bob installed new fluorescent lights under the kitchen cabinets because the old lights didn't fit the new cabinets. Cabinets are apparently smaller these days, and the microwave sticks out, which surprised me, but a friend said that her daughter had to order their cabinets deeper so that wouldn't happen. No one told me that!

Tonight a new neighbor brought over a beautiful, big hydrangea plant (blue) as a housewarming gift. Wow! One of my favorite plants--and so impressive! I love our new house and the neighbors and our friends and my kitchen and... Thanks to everyone who has helped us!!

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