Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buying our house: Report #16

Saturday, April 30, the painting crew came; they painted the front door, door frames, the new porch pillars, the kitchen ceiling, and the kitchen walls. We love the look of the new kitchen! And the next day, Sunday, the cleaners came. I was so glad that I didn't have to clean the insides of the cabinets! Since the cleaners were in the kitchen, our friends, Bob and Cheryl, brought us lunch from McDonalds. That was appreciated too.

No, we weren't quite done. Usually the painters and the cleaners are the last ones to finish up, but we still had a hole in the laundry room ceiling from when the dryer vent was changed from the attic to an outside wall, so the drywall crew had to come back and patch that on Tuesday, May 3; then the painter came back Thursday to paint that and decided that the kitchen walls needed another coat so he ordered more paint and had another painting crew take care of that. (We now have lots of Compatible Cream.) And after that Tim came back to finish adding the remaining cabinet pieces--a door and four skins.

But on Friday we knew that we were almost done because the building inspector came and approved the house, and then we gave the contractor, Mike Hickman, of Hickman Homes, the final payment. We're done!!

Well, almost completely done. Larry returned to rehang the kitchen blinds and put up our old spice cabinet. We shelved the spices, and that took care of the last box that needed to be unpacked! And, of course, we had to change the two AC filters again; they were clogged! (We have two zones.) Having the house to ourselves is so nice, though the plumber has to make a fix, and a window sash needs to be replaced. And we continue to landscape. But we have a beautiful home, and we appreciate everyone who contributed to that.

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