Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buying our house: Report #18

The last remodeling project was completed May 27 when our office window sash was replaced. The installer had us work with it to make sure we were happy with how it works. Yes! It moves!!

We got two pallets of sod last Friday, June 3, (St. Augustine, though I'd have preferred Bahia, but apparently Bahia doesn't do as well in our shaded areas) and we've been watering it ever since! We've had more work done on our sprinkler system because we still have damaged sprinklers, and we found water gushing from a broken pipe. That happened behind a big oak tree, which is why we didn't notice it sooner. The water runs down along one of the newly-sodded areas, so it's not completely wasted, but we are using a lot of water! City water. It's not like when we had a well.

So, we have more mulch coming and more work to be done on the sprinkler system, but I think we're almost finished--except for buying more plants, ground cover (perennial peanuts are good for that, we've discovered), and hardscape. However, the remodeling is done, and we're enjoying our new home so I decided it was time to have our Open House. Sunday, June 5, looked to be the best time for that so I sent out the invitations and bought sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and soda and sherbet for my mother's famous sherbet punch. (Just mix 7-Up, ginger ale, and/or lemon/slime soda with lime sherbet--or make your own concoction.) Everyone loves it. We were kept busy restocking the punch bowl, answering the door, introducing people, talking to everyone, etc. Now we have lots of sandwiches and snacks left over 'cause I never want to run out. But we won't have to cook for days! Signing off and loving our new home!!!

Oh, I do want to thank the people who helped us sell our old home, buy our new home, pack, move, and help us with the remodelling projects and the interior design projects: our realtors: Shawn & Dee McDonough; Bruce & Judy C; Mike Hickman, our remodeling contractor & his crews; Tammy J, the coordinator; Bob & Cheryl K (Bob worked on our wiring puzzles and sprinkler system, among other things); Mina S; Vicki B; Bobbie A; Cindy D; Gerry H; Peggy W; Larry S; and Hubert and Kenny. We appreciate you all!!

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