Friday, June 24, 2011

Compost bins

We've used a compost bin for years, and it was frustrating having to dump our kitchen scraps in the garbage or use the disposal at our new house. Our bin at the old house was big and full of kitchen waste, plants and grass, and occasionally old hay from the neighbor's stable. Here we've been studying compost bins in catalogs and finally found one that's not too big and has two compartments and rotates. We still haven't filled the first compartment, which is good. The hard part was putting it together after we got it and all its pieces. 56 nuts and bolts! And when we were almost done, the door section didn't fit. Oh, oh. Ah, here's where we went wrong. (We usually didn't understand the diagrams until after we'd put things together. I'm still not sure what the diagrams for the frame meant, but I liked the smiley and frowny faces.) So, we had to dismantle all the sections (sides)--removing every nut and bolt and then replacing them when the ends of the bin were aligned. We found this useful little comost bin in the Plow and Hearth catalog, btw.

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