Saturday, June 18, 2011

Open houses

I love visiting open houses. I look for interesting ideas and, of course, compare them to our house. Today there was an open house in our neighborhood at a home we've often passed and wondered about so I checked it out. It was fun. Look what they did to this house! Those trees need to come down. Hmm. it's lost most of its stucco--and they painted over a lot of stuff, but they did a lot of upcgrading too. And I admired their level back yard. I think I've mentioned that our back yard is a straight slope. (If we got snow here, we could probably ski.) The house is a lot smaller than ours, but it does have a very nice bathroom. Our two bathrooms are both small. And this house is famous for its funny side porch; the screened sides slope outward. It could be a modern style from the 50s. The house was built in 1953, and a number of homes in this area have the flat roofs and straight angles that date from then.

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