Sunday, June 12, 2011

Watering your lawns and gardens (link)

Here are the basic ways to water, and I've used them all except for drip irrigation. For the first time--here at our new house--we have a sprinkler system (6 zones), and we've spent a lot of time and money fixing this old, complicated system. I'm not sure if it was all installed at once because of the differences in the sprinkler heads, including pop-ups. We've had some capped because they are all over, and we've had them adjusted so they don't water the sidewalk, the road, and passersby. However, the latest guys extended the range of some sprinkler heads again so they cover more of the lawn--and the sidewalk. Even with the sprinkler system, we still use hoses (going to buy another one to keep attached to one of the many faucets), sprinkling cans, a soaker hose, and an oscillator. (I didn't know we were supposed to bury soaker hoses!) Check out the pros and cons of each way: 6 Ways to Water -

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