Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Irene was upgraded to a hurricane this morning--a category 1. It's still moving WNW, but should stay east of the peninsula, and it's expected to strengthen to a catefory 3.

Update (8-23): Irene is now a category 2 hurricane and the models have shifted even further east. It looks as if it's going to miss the peninsula.

Update: Irene is now a cat 1 and still heading WNW, though the models show it going up the east coast.

Update (8-24): Irene is now a cat 3 (yes, I'm running late) and is expected to become a cat 4. It's moving NW and skirting the east coast; that can change in either direction.

Update (8-25): Irene is still a category 3, and we're getting some rain and a little wind from its rotating rain bands as it heads by and away from us and up the east coast. South Florida got a lot more rain.

Update (8-26): Irene is now a cat 2 and should be a cat 1 when it makes landfall.
Update (8-27): Irene is a category 1 and still moving more or less north (NNE); I think it's one of the hurricanes that was pretty predictable, but I see that a lot of people are stuck in airports for a while. Here on the news our local power company trucks are beginning to head north to help restore power to the northeast.

Update: Irene moved on into Canada eventually, and after the cleanup in the East, a lot of bridges will need to be rebuilt.

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