Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tropical Storm Katia

TS Katia is heading WNW and expected to become a category 1 hurricane Wednesday and a category 3 by Sunday.

Update (8-31): Still not a hurricane, but still expected t0 become a category 3. The spaghetti models mostly agree and have it turning north.

Note: I read in today's paper that on August 31, 1967, a Hurricane Katrina produced a storm surge in Mexico, leaving 1200 people homeless; however, the name was not retired (a controversial decision). If it had been retired, Hurricane Katia would have devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Update (9-1): Katia is still a tropical storm, though apparently she was a hurricane briefly while I wasn't looking.

Another note (from a TV weatherman): Lee, who may be forming in the Gulf, was the name of the hurricane after Katrina.

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