Thursday, September 1, 2011

Design Star

I enjoy watching Design Star on HGTV because it's interesting seeing how people meet their challenges, and I'm always keeping an eye out for ideas I can use. Recently one designer was asked by a kid to design a room with bunkbeds and storage lockers. Fantastic idea, I thought, 'cause I'd love that, but the designer ignored the request. She gave the boy a high bed with a clever hidey space under it and instead of lockers, he got two small boxes attached to the wall. No storage space!

I have friends who have a really cool bunk bed set, btw. The bottom bed is a double; there's a small stairway instead of a ladder at one end and plenty of storage space at the other end of the bed. The set has drawers and doors. If the designer had found something similar (plus the lockers), she would have aced that challenge.

I think she thought that the kid really wanted a cool hideaway; however, kids also have friends over to spend the night, and they can make their own hideaways with blankets...

Check out the Design Star webpage: HGTV Design Star : Home & Garden Television

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