Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane Katia and TS Lee

Katia is a category 1 and is heading NW. It's expected to make it to a 3 and may skirt the east coast.

Update: (9-5): Katia is now a cat 3 and still heading NW, but should be turning out to sea.

Update: Now Katia is a category 4 and still heading NW, but it should make a sharp turn away from land.

Update (9-6): Katia is now a 2 and should be making its turn one of these days.

TS Lee is heading north and then should turn east; it's expected to give Florida rain. North Florida is already getting it--and I hear from a cousin there that they need it--while we got a little shower further south.

Update (9-5): The remnants of Lee are heading east. We haven't gotten much rain; the west coast of Florida is getting more. It's supposed to be windier here the next couple days.

Update: Wind and rain from Lee's remnants are moving closer to Florida out of the Gulf now. The surf and riptides are rough. Don't ignore those red flags on the beach!

Update(9-6): It's actually a combination of Lee's remnants and a cold front that has given us some rain. I didn't notice any wind.

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