Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toad houses

I've been collecting toad houses for a long time. I find them in stores, nurseries, on vacation, and in catalogs. They add interest to your flower beds and give toads a place to den up in. Over the years I've seen one toad house with a floor in a store, and I recently saw one with a floor in The Gardener's Supply Company catalog. If you're serious about giving toads habitat, don't give them a house with a floor! They need to dig into the dirt to protect themselves from cold, heat, and predators. I've used broken pots for toad houses too. (See above on the right.) The one on the left is one I bought, and there are even cuter houses available. Also different colors and shapes, and I had one that was a combination bird bath (on top) and toad house (first floor).

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