Monday, October 17, 2011

Solar lights

I love solar lights, and I buy them from catalogs and the hardware store. My latest ones are mosaic spheres, which didn't glow at first so I took them back (one at a time) after a few days in the sun, and finally a sales clerk figured out that there were switches underneath the solar panels, and when she put the sphere in a dark place (not easy at the cash register), it glowed so I took it home, along with a golden mosaic sphere. (There weren't any switches on my other ones, and I was careful with them--I didn't hold them upside down because the spheres are delicate, and the posts tend to separate.)

Anyway, I went out last night and saw five glowing spheres! The two new mosaic ones, two old ones that don't glow as much at night any more, and the big gazing ball I got for my birthday a year or two ago--hard to put together, but worth it. And I saw my Saturn with rings glowing a bit. It doesn't have a solar panel, but sort of reflects light or something. I enjoy looking at them all when I take the dogs out.

I have three solar spheres out front too, but they don't glow like they used to; they may have been in the sun more at our old house. And I know someone who has his solar sphere in his house, where it's exposed to the sun. I never would have thought of that. They are beautiful and fun!


Joy V. Smith said...

I recently read in the Birds & Blooms Birding e-newsletter that birds can see their reflections in the regular gazing balls and will fight with them.


Joy V. Smith said...

The mosaic spheres don't glow as brightly as my earlier ones; the gold one is especially dark. I won't buy them again. (I got them from the hardware store.)

Btw,I got my Northen Lights solar spheres from the Gardener's Supply Company catalog. That's a photo from the catalog.