Friday, November 25, 2011

Home design ideas

The August issue of This Old House has a lot of suggestions for the home owner, including taking pictures of staked buried utilities (I'm sorry I never thought of that! I have photos of new trenches), running a kitchen cabinet flush to the counter instead of having an appliance garage on the counter, framing one of those huge bathroom mirrors with wood, glass tiles, or a piece of salvage. However, tearing up a vintage book and papering a wall with the pages is not such a good idea. You've wasted a book, and it just looks busy.
Another idea I appreciated in this issue was a cut out in the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We considered it in our remodel, but decided agains it because of the cost. (We couldn't rebuild the whole house!) Anyway, we would have lost part of a wall that we're using, and I do not like the look at all, though possibly it could be done better....

And I love that new color for hardware--caramel bronze (Amerock).

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