Friday, January 27, 2012


We’re still landscaping our new home. 'Course this'll probably go on forever. We called The Tree Lady to take a look at our trees, some of which need to come down, but her estimate was too high for us right now! (There are a number of trees we want to get rid of, and at least one will require a crane to lift it over the house because we don't have easy access to the back yard.) So we dug out three small trees; they had bad root systems (root bound), and The Tree Lady’s crew took down the cherry laurel. We enjoyed watching them. After limbing it and taking off one trunk (it had a split trunk), they tied a cable to the remaining trunk and branches and dropped it in the front yard. (There was a rail fence on two sides of it.) It missed the bottlebrushes and house; they gauged it well. They did a good job of clean up also. And since they had to park in the road (busy street) one of them had to direct traffic. We were very impressed by them! Now we have to find something for that corner. We ordered a crape myrtle and dwarf pampas grass earlier for elsewhere, but we‘d need a big one for that space, and I think that's what we're going to do. Pink pampas grass looks pretty in catalogs, but one we ordered years ago was sort of beige. I saw one online that looks good--Gold Band. I like it, but we'll see.

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Joy V. Smith said...

We browsed local stores and found some pampas grass at Wal-Mart so we don't have to order from a catalog. It's planted and looking good. I would have liked to have it a little farther from the rail fence, but the old cherry laurel roots made that impossible. The grass will eventually cover the stump. We've had stumps ground before, but we didn't have to do that this time.