Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love inventions! They make our lives easier. Okaaay, sometimes they make our lives more confusing, but I still love my computer. What's really fun is watching old movies where computer banks fill up the room. Then I'm really, really grateful. And of course, though I'm never on the cutting edge, by the time I get around to getting a new invention, they are a lot cheaper. Now I want an Internet-connected TV.

(Thanks, Sandee)


Tara Tyler said...

i love inventions too! and in my wip the internet is connected to the tv! i just hope my futuristic book is published before all my inventions are invented!

Joy V. Smith said...

Tara,I know what you mean! Sometimes a book comes out with a similar premise before I've finished my story... All the best with your wip!