Thursday, June 14, 2012

More landscaping (soil and sod)

June 12, 2012

8:55: Quiet here. We're waiting for a load of sod. We were up early waiting, but they haven't come yet; it was iffy. We ordered one pallet of sod and a yard of dirt that'll have to be spread first.

9:55: No sod yet, but we just got a load of dirt; the pickup is up on the hill now. I think most or all of that went up on the hill. I think they'll have to bring more for the back yard, which will require a wheelbarrow since there's no way a truck can get into the back yard.

10:48: No sod yet. It wasn't cut yesterday; it's being cut now and will be delivered between noon and dark.  The sod might not be laid until tomorrow, I suspect. The first load of dirt has been spread on the hill, and the contractors will bring another load of dirt later for the hill and the backyard.  (There were big depressions on the hill--the worst was filled last year, but there were still big dips. Apparently a big oak came down up there.)  

6:20: The sod was delivered; the sod guy was supposed to call a half hour beforehand (so the contractor would be here to pay him.), but he didn't; he called when he arrived here apparently. Anyway, our guys spent the day working in the area and had a snack (no time for supper) before returning here. They worked till about 8:20 'cause they wanted to finish the job. So that's done finally. (We wanted it done before the rainy season.) Now we'll hope for rain every day for 30 days, or else we have to water the sod each day.

The hill and the backyard are the last big outside projects at our new house. Some day I may try to draw our landscape; it's a number of mini-ecosystems.

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