Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby

Debby is now official (at 5 pm), although the track isn't, but we should be getting more rain--maybe. We got an inch and a half yesterday, but now it may be heading west.  Check it out at:
(Thanks, Lloyd)

Update (6-24): We had almost two and a half inches last time I checked our rain gauge, and it's rained a lot since then.  The west coast got 9 to 11" inches.  There's street and causeway flooding, and the Sunshine Skyway is closed because of high winds.  There are power outages and tornadoes here and there...

The spaghetti models are still all over the map, but Debby seems to be pointed north even though it's not moving at the moment.  This means we'll be getting more rain, which we needed.  We've been in a drought, and the Florida aquifer could use the rain, as could our waterways, some of which are impassable.

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