Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home design ideas

The August issue of Southern Living is worth picking up for the 101 house ideas from the their 2012 Idea House. My favorite ideas include the dogtrot-like central hall, an old wooden horizontal filing cabinet used as a coffee table, hand-sanded wood floors, and grouping a collection together tightly to give the impression of "one element" (but, please, not little skulls!),

And they had ideas I didn't much like. I don't like subway tiles unless they're not white, and a random pattern is better. Btw, two interesting shades of white are Pearly White and Spinach White (pale green) by Sherwin-Williams. And I would never lean a mirror over a sink! Or put a modern vessel sink into a distressed table. Something I wouldn't do, but is a cool idea, is painting a room in a large-scale gingham pattern.

There is also an article on crape myrtles, which include some of my favorites; unfortunately they're at our last place; the crape myrtles here are old varieties. Other articles focus on a moss lawn, Preserving Summer (canning), chickens, watermelon recipes, Tex-mex recipes, and fig recipes.

Travel articles visit Charlotte (Deomcratic convention) and Tampa (Republican convention); North Carolina Highlands; and Mobile, Alabama; a Miami restaurant; and Winter Park, Florida.

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