Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

TS Isaac is heading west, but it's expected to turn to the WNW and eventually become a category 1 hurricane. It's been dropped from the prediction of becoming a category 3, and the computer models vary. 'Course it's especially a worry because of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but it's early yet. Check out the tropics here: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo_atl.shtml?201208202344

(Thanks, Lloyd)

Update (8-23): TS Isaac has moved into the Carribbean and is still heading west. The spaghetti models are more in agreement now, and it may skirt the west coast of Florida when it moves into the gulf... The RNC is prepared to evacuate.

Update: Isaac is heading WNW, and the models mostly have it paralleling the west coast; it may become a category 1 in the Gulf.

Update (8-24): Isaac is heading NW now, and after moving to the west--according to the computer models--it's now moving east and closer to the west coast. We (the Tampa Bay area) should be impacted Monday.

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Jeremy Bates said...

Hurricanes that start with the letter "I" have been some doozies! I hope Issac remains a cet 1 or diminishes. I am looking forward to both conventions. The politics have been bad this election.