Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

TS Isaac is moving WNW and should become a category 1 hurricane (possibly Monday) when it gets further into the Gulf, and it may become a cat 2 before it makes landfall on the northern Gulf coast. I've been watching its projected path move east and west before finally moving steadily away from Florida's west coast and Tampa--to the relief of everyone who's been working hard to prepare for the RNC. We got a few little rain bands during the day, but now we're getting bigger bands. We shouldn't be getting strong sustained winds, so we decided not to move everything into the garage.

Update (8-27): Isaac is heading NW--probably towards New Orleans. It may become a cat 1 hurricane tomorrow morning--and then maybe a cat 2 because the Gulf water is so warm. We got only a few scattered showers here today; the heavy bands of rain stayed on the east coast.

Update (8-28): Isaac is now a hurricane (cat 1) and is making landfall; a number of Louisana parishes are being evacuated and evacuations have also been ordered in Mississippi.

Isaac has been wobbling a bit and has made two landfalls and is covering a lot of territory.

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