Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tropical Storm Nadine

We have another storm in the Atlantic. It should curve away like most of the others, though Leslie did hit Newfoundland. Keep an eye on Nadine here:

(Thanks, Lloyd)

Update (9-14): Nadine is heading north and is still expected to become a category 1 hurricane; it is also expected to curve east.

Update (9-20): Nadine is still wandering around in the Atlantic; at one time the spaghetti models looked like a demented cat playing with a ball of yarn.  It did make it to a hurricane (cat 1), and is a tropical storm again and is now heading east.  Will this storm give Spain some much-needed rain?

Update (9-24):  Nadine is still wandering around in the Atlantic: I'm afraid it didn't make it to Spain, which could use the rain.  I believe it's heading east and will turn again...  Check its path out here:

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