Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is now a hurricane (category 1) and is heading towards the Bahamas.  After that it may head up the east coast...

Update (10-25): Sandy is now a cat 2 and is still heading north.  We may get some rain and wind gusts as it passes by.  South Florida is getting rain bands.

Update (10-26): Sandy is now a category 1 and heading north--and then to the northeast.  Here we got a lot of wind--and downed branches--but hardly any rain.

Update (10-28): Sandy is making its turn now towards the east coast and is expected to make landfall between NYC and Washington, D.C., bringing wind, rain, and power outages.  I read recently that if you get a generator, don't forget the fuel for it.

Update (10-29): Hurricane Sandy is making landfall in New Jersey, though it covers a lot of territory, and along with the wind, rain, and storm surges, there are power outages in New York and up to Boston.  And lots more happening elsewhere... 

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