Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home for the holidays--or not

I came across a really cool idea in the December/January issue of Country Living. Rent a home for the New Year's holiday on a beach in a northern state, such as New York in this case. for your family or multiple families. It's cheaper than in summer. Enjoy relaxing and playing games inside or having fun outside in the snow. The children enjoyed the choices too, and the adults weren't on the clock, so-to-speak.
There are other entertaining and decorating ideas in this issue, and the edible treats include gourmet marshmallows; and the mini brown-sugar cheesecakes certainly look tempting. Hang sleigh bells on your door knobs and have the wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree match the colors of the tree decorations. Now that's a challenge. Put the kids to work doing that!
There are deer figurines (from Michaels) on a mantel in one home; we just picked up a nice one at Junk Prince. We bring our deer figurines out on center stage at Christmas.
And if you're into soap making, wrapping the oval bars in coffee filters before packaging them is a lovely idea. My sister makes soaps for Christmas gifts now and then, and she likes that idea.
The Real Estate Sampler focuses on houses with turrets. These are the real deal--more than 100 years old.

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