Saturday, December 1, 2012

Washing machine problem

When we remodeled, we decided to go with the contractor's choices (GE) in the hope they'd be cheaper, and we ended up with an infusor washing machine, which I didn't want because I'd read the reviews on it. Now we have a washer that smells musty. I know, I know--at least it isn't a front loader. Next time we go back to Sears and Kenmore, which we've been happy with for years. And Sears has a refrigerator that comes in the 18.2 size. We now have a 17.9 size (too small). We started out with a 21 something, which was way too big for our galley kitchen, so we returned it and paid a restocking fee. Ouch! When someone complains, I say--At least our electric bill shouldn't be as high as it would have been with the big one.

Anyway, I called the GE repairman to ask him about the smell, and he suggested doing a load with water and bleach. Well, I should have gone with the rinse cycle as he suggested, but I decided I wanted to run it longer, and so the machine drained all the water I had added bucket by bucket since these new machines--to save water--won't let you decide on a level. I was mildly irritated. (Hah, hah, hah, hah, eeeekk!!!) I will try again another time...

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